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Thinking different? Thinking unique? Thinking special?

Read below for some ideas of increasingly popular trends in weddings.

Unconventional and different weddings: themed or exotic, money-saving or even eco-friendly weddings!

You could even get married in an animal sanctuary - It's your day, so do what you want to do!

Have you always wanted to walk down the aisle to your favourite song? Or maybe you are desperate for a big wedding with all your friends and family, but are unable to afford the price tag. Whatever your reason may be, there are many different factors in the planning of an alternative wedding.

Your Big Day

There's no need to be afraid to have an unconventional wedding in Cornwall; if it's what you really want. You're not exactly going to be planning to get married again, so indulge yourself, rather than anyone else.
Here is a selection of some of the different types of un-traditional weddings:

Themed Weddings in Cornwall

Themed Weddings are becoming increasingly popular at present. Have a chocolate wedding or an Oriental-theme wedding. Use your imagination and the day will be your own personal experience.

Weddings Abroad

Why not get away from all the British weather and combine an intimate wedding experience with an exotic honeymoon? St. Lucia and the Maldives are among the top destinations for an unforgettable Wedding for everyone.

For Animal Lovers

Love animals? Could you see yourself getting wed in amongst the surroundings of wildlife? One idea for the animal or nature fanatic could be to tie the knot at an animal sanctuary in Cornwall. If this appeals to you, we suggest you ask at your local sanctuary or favourite wildlife park if you wish to persue a wild day for everyone!

Green Weddings

Some modern couples are seeking newer eco-friendly weddings. This is a theme where-in the dress, the catering and even the honeymoon reflects their environmental aspirations. Various ways couples strive to minimise their wedding-day carbon footprint is to buy second-hand wedding outfit, or honeymoons that avoid long flights. This can also simply be having a more modest wedding.

Money-Saving Weddings

There are many ways to save money and still have a good time and enjoy your wedding day, there is'nt a law stating that you must have the following at your wedding: brand-new dress with matching bridesmaids outfits, professionally arranged flowers, official wedding photographer, reception in a posh hotel, three course wedding meal.

Ask For Help

Ask your friends to help out. People love to help out when it comes to weddings – as long as it's only for a portion of the day. Write a list of those who are skilled in photography, hairdressing, flower arrangers etc and ask (kindly) for their help. You could even ask a few people to bring buffet food and buy the rest from the supermarket or caterers.

Wedding Receptions in Cornwall

Try to think beyond the more traditional reception halls and other standard locations.

Together with your partner, think about some unique venues that are local and surround the area in which you live. Ponder over how you both can incorporate your specific interests or hobbies and passions into the locales you both think of.

Here are some ideas to inspire and start you both thinking about where to plan your unique wedding reception.

"Haunted" Bed and Breakfasts or Murder Mystery Weekends

If you are one of those couples who love a little bit of mystery, intrigue, or suspense, why not plan a wedding reception at a haunted bed and breakfast? or book a murder mystery weekend for you and few guests? Many places can accommodate for wedding parties of all sizes.

Country Barns/Cottages in Cornwall

Converted barns can serve as a wonderful location for most unique wedding receptions. Country folk dancing, locally sourced meat and veg, and even fruit for pies. Most barns have beautiful wood flooring that (naturally) serve as perfect dance floors too.

You could even, for a different spin on this area, create a western-themed reception, perfect for those couples who just love everything country! Get on those cowboy boots for some good old-fashioned line dancing and decorate the barn like a saloon.

These are just a couple of ideas for unique wedding reception locations. Hopefully, they've inspired you to think creatively and imaginatively about where you host your wedding reception. Of course, you will need to consider factors such as weather, parking, public access, preparation, and obviously not least important, cost.

If you're planning a wedding, remeber these three golden rules:


This is the essential first step. Many different formulas are offered to arrive at a final figure that the couple can agree to afford. Then they are advised to apportion their cash according to that budget: practical, sensible advice.

Set your priorities straight away and plan your budget around those priorities. If being married in a designer dress is all you have ever wanted, then get the dress. You may have to sacrifice the exquisite floral arrangements and a relative will most likely have to do the video, but as long as the juice is worth the squeeze then it will all work out in the end.

Maybe you both want a huge party with over 200 guests, which leaves your catering funds some-what on the low side. You could always invite the guests and plan a picnic theme.

Talk to your Parents

After you know which direction you both are going to take, have a meeting with both sets of parents and any significant others. Although it is a big moment for all those involved and everyone might have a vision of their own, take in all opinions and consider them. Now is the time to use your diplomacy skills. Explain what you have planned together so far and let them know that you both would like to accommodate any special requests they have. Be kind yet firm.

Enjoy the Ride

This is most important and you should never forget it. Planning your wedding together should be fun. So Relax!

Don't personally handle details that can be delegated to the experts that you hire, if any. Listen to them and make allowances for their proficiency. They would have most likely done this hundreds of times and will know what works. Remember, on your wedding day, they own the stress of overall performance, not you.

Trust in your intuition, but don't deny common sense. Do what you think is best, not what the wedding brochures say is best. If you love red roses, but read somewhere that they are inappropriate at 'casual daytime affairs' such as yours, use them anyway. This is your day. In this case, if it's perfect for you, it's perfect.

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