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Cornwall wedding planning - Budgeting and planning an affordable wedding

Planning you're dream wedding? Plan with care and with money left over!

Wedding planning; no one likes the thought of budgeting and worrying on expenses on such an important day, but it's difficult to control your self spending hundreds on your special day to make it memorable for every one. But the truth is there are ways to shave hundreds or thousands of pounds off the cost of a wedding. The important thing is to ensure you get what you absolutely need, and what you want.

Planning the Budget on your Clothes: 
A good way to budget is to RENT how much of your wedding attire can be rented?? The dress is super important but, what really is the point of spending half your budget on a dress that seriously you’re never going to wear again! Consider renting a dress. Dresses can coast thousands where as a beautiful rental can be as little as £100 for the afternoon. Or if you really want a special dress for your special day make your soon to be other half rent a tux; wedding attire doesn't’t bother men the same as women, so rental shouldn't’t be a big deal.

Affordable Wedding Food Options:
If the sit-down dinner is important to you, consider Spanish Tapas style. Tapas is exotic Spanish snacks, it can be a huge variety of anything the cook chooses, with Tapas style, guests are served several courses, all of them in small portions, lowering the overall food costs. Or even consider a buffet style, where guests can serve themselves or again make the food yourself sandwiches, mini sausage rolls and pasties etc take trip down to Iceland and shop till you drop you could save a fortune!
Avoid a fancy cake, and investigate be unique and different try cupcake wedding cakes, chocolate fondues or a good dessert option is a chocolate fountain with a variety of fruits sweets and nuts for dipping. Not only does it look attractive, but one can be rented for less than £80 in most cases.

Wedding Venues:
Not everyone can afford a fairy tale venue. There are tons of beautiful romantic places where you can have a wedding, free or by just paying a small administration cost. In Cornwall and your by the beach, beaches can be extremely affordable and a sun set wedding on the beach look stunning in the pictures. If it must be an indoor wedding, search for an old local historic home you find beautiful. Sometimes they’ll gladly let you use the facilities for an afternoon, and other times they expect a small fee.

Planning Pricey Photography and videos:
Photographers and videos can be expensive, but this is easily solved, as there are a number of ways capturing your special day for ever. You could leave disposable cameras on each table, then the guests can take there own pictures, this gives you pictures of all the guests and catches everything that you will miss. Another way is to get a family friend to take pictures or one of your friends children have the video and get them to film everything, offer to pay them ten pounds if it’s good and you’re sorted.

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